Evan Sonderegger

front-end developer, audio & video engineer

Contact Me

As of September 2016, I am available for freelance work.

Maybe you have a great visual design for a website, but need some help turning it into html, css, and javascript? Maybe you have a javascript project that needs to integrate with the Web Audio API, or uses extensive html5 audio or video interactivity? Maybe you are planning a live stream and want to do something custom? I would be happy to chat about how I can assist.

The best way to reach me is via email at [email protected].

I post almost never on Twitter, but I check it pretty regularly.I am on there at @esonderegger.

I keep my open-source code on github. I'll try to do better about keeping that stuff up-to-date.

If, for whatever reason, you prefer to reach out to people on LinkedIn, I'm on there too.