Evan Sonderegger

front-end developer, audio & video engineer


Here are some things that I'm working on or have worked on:


Plaster is a desktop application written in javascript using React and Electron for creating podcast feeds and uploading them to static hosting environments. It uses ffmpeg to detect the R128 loudness levels of source audio and normalizes to -18 LUFS before uploading.

Landing Page for AARP Now App

AARP Now is an iOS and Android app released by AARP in August of 2016. This page was created to promote its launch. AKQA created the design, providing comps, wireframes, and ideas for how the parallax effect should work. I created the markup and wrote the javascript for both the parallax and interactivity on the page.

Cast-a-net - Video Podcast Player for AppleTV

Cast-a-net provides AppleTV owners with a user interface for watching some of the most popular video podcasts on the web. I wrote the front-end code using TVML and TVJS and the back-end code using Python and Flask. It is hosted using Docker containers running in a Digital Ocean VPS.

JAGSS - Just Another Generator for Static Sites

JAGSS is a command line tool for generating static web sites. It is built using python, markdown, yaml, jinja2, less, and sass. I use it for creating this site and several others.

Off Bass Brass: Knock Yourself Out

Off Bass Brass is a tuba/euphonium quartet consisting of Ryan McGeorge and Mark Jenkins on euphonium and John Cradler and Tom Holtz on Tuba. They Recorded "Knock Yourself Out" at the Landon School for Boys in early 2009 with me as their engineer. The CD was released on the Potenza Music label later that year.

Service Robotics & Technologies

I built this site for my startup using JAGSS and Bootstrap. It is hosted on Amazon S3.