It's time to speak up

I had high hopes for my personal website.

I had planned for this to be a place to share my open-source side projects, some photos, and some miscellaneous techy musings. This site’s medium itself would be a message as well because I believe self-hosting is vital to freedom and independence on the internet. In 2017, self-hosting content on the web remains far too difficult for most people and I intend to work to make it easier.

It’s easy to say that there is no place for politics on a site like this. Focus is important. It is not important enough, however, to remain silent when circumstances demand otherwise.

Yesterday’s public remarks by our president struck a nerve with me. I’ve felt since the early days of his campaign that this man was unfit for leadership and that republicans who fail to call out his racism for what it is are being cowardly - too afraid of alienating some supporters to say what they know to be true. Yesterday, I hope, will be a turning point. Every public official - republican, democrat, or independent - has a responsibility to say that white supremacist demonstrations are un-American and that the president’s equivocation about them is unacceptable.

It would be inconsistent for me to expect statements from others while staying silent myself. It’s time to speak up. We must all do more to make our country less racist and I pledge to try to do my part.